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Simple Fundraising Solutions

SFS was started for one reason, that is, to help education programs meet their goals through easy profitable fundraising. SFS has no other customer base aside from schools.  All of our promotions consist of potted blooming and non blooming plants. All our plants are grown in our nursery located in Suncity, Flordia. The plants you will receive are of highest quality... After choosing our best plants, we clean, package and ship right from our nursery to prevent unnecessary rummaging or handling, for plants to be damaged, unlike department stores. 

There are no brokers or middlemen, which enables us to supply you with the best product and prices for your fundraiser.  SFS is willing to accommodate, and/or customize our offerings to your school’s needs. SFS has a variety plants for everyones budget.

We use the name SFS, because it is simple.  Both of our fundraising options are super easy to set up and execute:

Option #1 - Traditional Fundraising: We supply all the information you will need: flyers, order sheets, photo's etc. Once you have the orders complete and your ship date, we will deliver to your school on our own trucks. It’s just that simple! Contact us for more information.

Option #2 - Online Fundraising: (New in 2013!!): We are providing a web-based software platform that presents ZERO upfront costs to your program.  After you take 7 - 10 minutes to set up your campaign, you and your participants will be set up with customized webpages that allow for easy ordering for your friends and neighbors.  It is easy as entering in email addresses of people who would be interested in supporting your campaign through purchasing our top quality potted blooming and nonblooming plants. Click here for more information or...

Online Fundraiser

SFS is based out of Sun City Florida.  We deliver all over the state of Florida. A plant promotion is a fine way to keep it green! 

  • Fall Promotions
  • Winter Promotion
  • Spring Promotions

Fall Festival Fundraiser

Beautiful Fall colored plants. This fundraiser runs from September 15 through November 1st.

Fall Festival Fundraiser

Poinsettia Fundraiser

Our Poinsettia fundraiser is our best seller, which runs from Nov 20 thru Dec 15. We start taking orders the first of September.   We have been work

Poinsettia Fundraiser

Spring Fling Fundraiser

Our spring fundraiser has the largest variety of beautiful flowering plants, most of which can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be enjoyed.

Spring Fling Fundraiser