Our Promotions

Our promotions start with our Fall Harvest Fundraiser, which runs from September 15 thru November 1.

6" Crotons:  Bright yellow’s, orange and green’s (great for indoor, or outdoors).
6", 8", 12"   Garden Mums:  Beautiful fall colors of, purple’s, yellow’s, orange’s, and bronze’s.
6" Combo Foliage planters: has an assorted variety of 5 plants per pot.
6" Premium Chrysanthemum Pelee:  Brilliant   colors of yellow, reds, oranges, and whites.

Winter Promotion

Our Poinsettia fundraiser is our best seller, which runs from Nov 20 thru Dec 15. We start taking orders the first of September.  We have been working with a number of schools for over 7+ years, and they have had sales well above their expectations.

6" Premium red Poinsettia’s,   big beautiful red bracks/flowers, with deep dark green foliage, comes packed 8 per case, with decorative pot covers and sleeves. Small and larger sizes are available.

Online Fundraiser

Spring Promotion

Our Spring Fundraiser has the largest variety of beautiful flowering plants, most of which can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be enjoyed year after year.

6" Premium Mums:  Dazzling colors and shapes of purple, pink, yellow, orange, red and white.
6" Premium Azaleas: Brilliant colors of pink, purple, peach and reds.
6" Premium Hydrangeas:  Beautiful large blooms of pinks, blues and purples. They come with either 1 flower, 2 flower or 3 flower blooms.
6" Premium Gardenias:  Beautiful dark green foliage with large buds and fragrant blooms.

All plants are packed 8 per case, with decorative pot covers and sleeves, along with care instructions tags. Available from March 1st thru May 10